Product price tracking & monitoring for Brands and Retailers

Intelliprice is a web platform for daily price tracking, monitoring, and comparison of the prices of your products in competitors’ online stores and marketplaces.


Are you a brand, manufacturer or a retailer?

Check if your distributors and resellers are violating MAP / MSRP pricing.

Monitor your competitors’ prices in the market in which you operate and decide on your pricing strategy.

Ensure product pricing policy

Check if your distributors and resellers sell your products at the minimum advertised price you set so you have control over the brand and market you operate.

Simultaneous monitoring of multiple sources

Select and track specific distributor websites, online stores and marketplaces at the same time.

Stay informed

Find out daily through the platform about the current product prices on the selected online websites and marketplaces to know when your competitors’ prices are lower than yours.

Save time every day

Save several hours with automated daily search results (reports) through the platform, with a complete list of data, avoiding manual product identification and possible


Features & characteristics

  • Price tracking and monitoring system in online stores & marketplaces
  • Product prices reporting from multiple retailers
  • Raw data extraction in excel
  • Ability to filter results and export filtered data in excel
  • Multiple sources
  • Price history per day
  • Automated results at least once a day
  • Possibility for custom modifications on the platform.
  • Technical support via web & telephone communication

How does it work;

Add Products

Enter all the products you are interested in monitoring or let us upload them with xml / excel.

Select competitors

Enter the URLs of your selected online stores and marketplaces or entrust it to us.

View results

Set your desired scheduling for price monitoring and access the reports anytime through the platform.